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Justin Martin

Justin Martin, 35, of Enterprise, Alabama has lived most of his life from behind a bow. Starting at age 10, Justin fell in love with the sport of archery and continues to have that passion to this day.

In 1998, Martin won the ASA Open A Shooter of the Year title which goes to the top amateur archer in the country. In 1999, he turned pro and began his dream of competing in archery tournaments on the professional level. In 2001, Martin won the IBO Male Pro Shooter of the Year title. Only two short years later he won what many consider to be the top title in all of archery, the 2003 Buckmasters World Championship.

Justin Martin continues to be a top finisher at national and world championship archery events. The idea behind "The Season" came from the conjunction of his love of hunting with his years of production experience.

"Too many people see the pro hunters on TV today and don’t really relate to them because the guy watching TV doesn’t get to hunt every day, all day or get to go to some of the remote locations that these guys do. I want to use my platform as an accomplished archer to show the guys and girls watching my show that I have a real job, real life and real responsibilities—just like they do. Along the way, we will get to hunt some really cool places and have a lot of fun all while taking care of business and family at home," said Martin.

Martin’s accomplishments don’t only apply to archery. He was a kicker at Auburn University after having an amazing high school football career. He still holds several high school and state records. He’s also a successful homebuilder in his hometown of Enterprise, Alabama. With the support of his wife, Anna Beth, he is able to bring all of the facets to the table in the production of "The Season."

Archery Accomplishments

2003 Buckmasters World Champion

2005 Buckmasters World Championship 2nd

2007 Buckmasters World Championship 2nd

2001 IBO Male Pro Shooter of the Year

Justin still competes heavily in 12-14 national events each year and is a consistent top finisher in the Open Pro class.

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