Kandy Korn (50lbs)

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Great for all types of feeders!

  • 50lbs
  • NEW Revolutionary Patent Pending blue, red and green Power-Pellets® for maximum attraction to your hunting site
  • GUARANTEED minimum 18-20% protein
  • Technologically advanced formula designed for maximum attraction and a healthier deer herd
  • Strong sweet caramel aroma brings 'em in from long distances
  • Non clogging formula, won't clog feeders
  • Concentrated formula treats up to 2,000lbs of whole or crack corn

Kandy Korn® contains only:

Whole Corn, Roasted Soybeans, Oats, Sunflower Seeds and patent pending Red, Blue and Green power pellets® which contain all vitamins, minerals and chelated minerals...no fillers or powders added!


Benefits of Vitamins, Minerals and Chelated Minerals

  • Calcium: Bone and antler growth, teeth, milk production for fawns, muscle contration
  • Phosphorus: Bone and antler growth, reproduction, and energy metabolism
  • Magnesium: Bones and antlers. Enzyme function
  • Potassium: Electrolyte and fluid balance, handling heat stress
  • Copper: confactor in several metobolic functions, hemoglobin synthesis, bone formation, maintenance of myelin sheath of nerves, reproduction. Deficiancy can lead to joint swelling, fragile bones and anemia.
  • Sodium: Major component of extra-cellular fluid important in osmotic balance and acid based equilibrium
  • Chlorine: Essential counter-balance to sodium, needed for hydrochloric acid production for digestion
  • Cobalt: Ruminants (like deer) use to make Vitamin B12. Deficiency leads to anemia
  • Iron: Hemoglobin formation. Deficiency leads to anemia
  • Manganese: Used as cofactor in many enzyme functions related to energy and protein metabolism
  • Zinc: Enzyme cofactor, skin and hair health
    (Chelated Zinc, manganese and copper: Improved absorption and utilization of these minerals)
  • Selenium: Important antioxident factor, reproductive heatlth and performance
  • Iodine: for thyroid function. Deficiencies lead to stillbirths and goiter
  • Vitamin A: Needed for bone formation, eye health, reproduction
  • Vitamin D3: Bone formation, Calcium & Phosphorus absorption and metabolism
  • Vitamin E: Important for both male and female reproductive functions, immunity, colostrum quality. Important antioxidant
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