Hog Honey (1 Gallon)


  • Strong Aroma brings’ em in from miles away!
  • Concentrated formula can be mixed with up to 500lbs of whole or cracked corn
  • Out performs all other attractants
  • Twice as much attractant for the same price as other brands


To start a new bait site: Dig a hole 12-18 inches deep and 10-14 inches wide and pour a quarter of Hog Honey directly into the hole. Mix and fill with dirt. Pour another quarter container of Hog Honey on top of bait site to start attracting hogs.

To use with whole or cracked corn: Mix approximately 20% of Hog Honey per hundred pounds of whole or cracked corn. Pour your desired amount of the mixture into a hole 12-18 inches deep and 10-14 inches wide and cover with dirt. Pour additional whole or cracked corn over top.

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Dry Matter 38.39%
Moisture 61.61%
Protein (crude) 19.40%
Dry Matter Basis
Fat (acid hydrolysis) 4.58%%
Fiber (acid detergent) n.d.
Ash 11.40%
Sulfur 1.07%
Phosphorus 1.93%
Potassium 2.55%
Magnesium 0.70%
Calcium 0.50%
Sodium 0.76%
Iron 148ppm
Manganese 24.7ppm
Copper 4.4ppm
Zinc 87.8ppm


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